Hello and welcome to my first foray into the blogosphere.

This blog is part of an assignment in the  Vancouver Community College (VCC), Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program (PIDP), 3240 Media Enhanced Learning Course, (Option B, Learning in Social Media). The primary purpose of this blog is to fulfill the PIDP course assignments and with my fellow students, demonstrate the use of social media in education.

Over the next few weeks this blog will include a number of class assignments including journal entries, summaries on research into social media in education and Web 2.0 tools as well as a link to a class Wiki on copyright issues in web based information.

Pending completion of the PIDP in early 2013, the focus of this blog will shift towards my personal and professional profile and efforts as a technician and educator in my fields of expertise. To this end my blog provides summaries of my qualifications, climbing history highlights and motion picture credits.


Perry Beckham

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