Climbing History

Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Highlights


University Wall with Roman Chimneys, V, 5.12, second free ascent.
Up From the Skies, V, 5.9 A4, third ascent
Uncle Bens, V, 5.7 A3, first solo ascent.
Humpty Dumpty, V, A4, third ascent
Ten Years After, V, 5.8 A4, first ascent of alternate direct finish, solo
Grand Wall, V, 5.11d A0 (Over 100 ascents)
Cruel Shoes, III, 5.10d, first ascent
Java Jive, II, 5.11a, first ascent
Mislead, 5.12a, first free ascent
Zorro’s Last Ride, V, 5.10 A4, first ascent
Movin’ To Montana, IV, 5.11d, first ascent
Black Dyke, V, 5.10 A4, first one day ascent
Freeway, IV, 5.11c
Cerberus via Yosemite Pinnacle, IV, 5.11d
Cowboys and Indians, V, A4, first ascent, solo
Daily Planet, III, 5.12b, first ascent.
Blazing Saddles, 5.10b, first ascent
The Raven, V, A4, first ascent
The Northern Lights, V, 5.12a, first ascent
No Name Road, 5.11b, first ascent
Mata Hari, 5.12d, first ascent.
Flingus Cling, 5.12b, first ascent
Zombie Roof, 5.12d, 2nd free ascent.
High Plains Drifter, 5.11b, first ascent
The Promised Land, 5.11b, first ascent
Astro Logger, 5.11b, first ascent


El Cap, Mescalito, VI, 5.9, A4, sixth ascent, (first El Cap route)
El Cap, The Hockey Dawn, VI, 5.9, A4, first ascent
El Cap, The North America Wall, VI, 5.9, A2
El Cap, The Pacific Ocean, VI, 5.9, A4
El Cap, The Nose, VI, 5.10b, A1
El Cap, Zodiac, VI, 5.9, A3+
El Cap, The West Face, VI, 5.11d
El Cap, East Buttress w/Moratorium, IV, 5.11b
The Rostrum, IV, 5.11c, five ascents
The Rostrum, Blind Faith, IV, 5.11d
Middle Cathedral, North Buttress, V, 5.10a
Middle Cathedral, Stoner’s Highway, IV, 5.10c
Middle Cathedral, Direct North Buttress, V 5.10d (twice)
Middle Cathedral, The Grand Wazoo, III, 5.12a, first ascent
Higher Cathedral, Powerpoint, IV, 5.11d
Higher Cathedral, NE Buttress, IV, 5.10a
Higher Cathedral Spire, Regular Route, IV, 5.9
Sentinel, Steck/Salathe, V, 5.10a
Sentinel, Chounaird/Herbert, V, 5.11c
Freestone, IV, 5.11d
Astroman, V, 5.11c , four ascents
RostroMan V, 5.11c
Nabisco Wall via Butterballs, 511c
Crimson Cringe, 5.12a, on sight

Assorted Alpine

Mount Slesse, NE Butress, V, 5.10a, free solo
Mount Slesse, East Pillar, V, 5.10c, first ascent
Mt Clarke, North Butress, V, 5.10b
Mt Viennese, Flavelle/Howe, V, 5.10b
Mt. Viennese, Derektissema, V, 5.10b, first ascent
Mt. Viennese, Bohemian Rhapsody, V, 5.10d R, first ascent
Mt. Bardean, Flavelle/Beckham, IV, 5.10b, first ascent
Mt Colonel Foster, East Face, V, 5.8 third ascent.
Mamquam Mtn. one day return from Squamish
Zenith, Tantalus, Dionne, Serratus, Alpha Traverse Summer
Mt.Athabasca, North Ridge
Mt. Victoria Traverse from Abbot Pass to Wiwaxy
Glacier Peak
Mt. Oderay
Eisenhower South Tower
Haddo/Aberdeen Traverse, solo
Lotus Flower Tower, V, 5.10d A1
Parrots Beak Buttress, V, 5.9, A3, first ascent
Mt Jame McBrien, South Ridge, IV, 5.9
Grand Teton, Owen Spaulding, one day solo

Winter/Ski Mountaineering/Ice Climbing

Mount Slesse, North Face to Notch, V, AI4, winter, first ascent
Zenith, Tantalus, Dionne, Serratus, Alpha Traverse, first winter ascent
Mt. Garibaldi, East Face via Paul Ridge, winter
Mt. Garibaldi, North Face via Brohm Ridge, winter
Dalton Dome, West Ridge, first winter ascent
Atwell, Southeast Ridge, winter
Atwell, Southwest Face, Siberian Express, winter, first ascent
Wedge Mountain, North Ridge, first winter ascent
Mt. Matier, winter, ski mountaineering
Joffre, winter, ski mountaineering
Duke, North face, ski ascent and descent
Vantage, ski ascent/descent
Spearhead Traverse
Pilsener Pillar WI6
Carlsberg Column WI5
Guiness Gully with Stout finish WI5
Louise Falls Left and Right, WI5
Heidelberg Column, WI5
Massey’s, WI4, solo
Silk Tassel, WI4
Cascade Falls, WI3
Polar Circus WI5
Lower Weeping Wall WI5
Aerial Boundaries WI6
Raging Bull, M7-8 first ascent